So many..

So many stories to tell, so many secrets to hide.
So many people to love, so many reasons to cry.
So many times to remember, so many things to forget.
So many smiles, so many tears.
So many chances, so many fears.
So many moments to cherish, so many goodbyes.
So many new friends, so many things to live by.
So many jokes to laugh at, so many friends to meet.
So many tunes to dance on, till you can’t feel your feet.
So many things to do, so many fears to face.
So many promises, so many mistakes.
So many awkward situations, so many hearts to break.
So many surprises, so many things to lose.
So many pictures to be clicked, so many options to choose.
So many movies to watch, so many things to hate.
So many plans to make, so many times to just procrastinate.
So many cries of joy, so many hugs and kisses.
So many people to miss, so many faces to forget.
So many names you can’t remember, so many books you haven’t read.
So many places you’ve never gone, so many times you felt alone.
So many things still left to say, so many rules to disobey.
So many games to be played, so many things you’d like to trade.
So many things you’d like to give, so many reasons left to live. 🙂


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