The unfinished story.

So, I was just going through the folders, looking for some pictures when I found a folder named “story”. I had forgotten about it completely, it was the story I had written, or tried to write because I never really completed it. I was shocked by what I read, it didn’t seem like something I could write.
I didn’t remember where I was going with the story. I wrote it about 4 years ago. But now, I want to read it. I want to read the whole thing, but I never did complete it. Tomorrow doesn’t come for everything, you can’t do everything tomorrow, the work you plan to do, you have to do it today. I wish I had not waited for tomorrow to complete the story. So, here’s  the unfinished story I was talking about.
“It’s dangerous to be out here, Narissa” I could hear a small voice from a distance; I could not recognize the voice. “You don’t need to worry, I’ll take care of everything” Narissa spoke; I could hear the arrogance in her voice. I thought this would be the right time to reveal myself. I came out from behind the door and could see the two people in who had their backs facing me. “What are you doing here Narissa? You are not allowed to enter the palace.” I said with confidence, because the palace Narissa was forbidden to enter was in fact my home, I knew Narissa could not even touch me in here, but as she turned I was surprised to see a smug smile instead of a shock on her creamy smooth face, her eyes, her deep, dark blue eyes showed she wasn’t scared of me.
 “So…You are here to welcome us, oh where are my manners, this is my brother Samuel’” she said pointing towards her brother, for the first time I noticed the boy standing behind her, he had the same thick black hair except that Narissa’s fell in dark glossy waves around her waist which were right now tide into a tight braid, his eyes were not as cruel as Narissa’s stone like eyes but they were surely filled with fear ,his skin was as smooth as Narissa’s, he looked 10-11years old . I looked up at Narissa, “why did you bring him with you?” I asked her trying not to make eye contact with her brother, “Why can’t I, he’s my brother, I can do anything with him” she replied quickly, “Narissa, get out of here” I said with caution , “I’m warning you, I’ll call the guards” .
“I’m going for now, but I will take my revenge, Isabella Callaghan, I have not forgotten anything” she said and left with her head held high, leaving me standing very still.  Narissa was my cousin, she was born 5 months before me, but when she was only 2 years old her parents, my aunt and uncle, were thrown out of the Callaghan palace as they had tried to poison my father, Roger Callaghan, but my father found out about their plans, Narissa was allowed to stay as she was too young and they did not want her to be in bad company of her parents, but somehow Narissa contacted her parents and they told her some twisted tale of how they were thrown out of their home for no apparent reason, that filled Narissa with  anger and she wanted to take revenge on behalf of her parents. But just like her parents she got caught. I remember that day like it was yesterday, it still sends shivers down my back. It was an year ago, I was going to my room, it was a pleasant evening, I was playing outdoors. Came inside to change my clothes as they were very dirty. I came into the room and saw the most horrifying scene I have ever come across.  I entered the room just as Narissa was about to stab my little sister Christine, that stopped Narissa and she backed off and started running out of the room, I would have followed her but that moment I saw my mother, she had a 7 inch dagger embedded in her chest, her normally calm auburn eyes were filled with horror, blood and tears, the white marble floor she lied upon was now scarlet with her blood, her mouth was dry and she was breathing heavily, the moment I figured she is still alive I ran to her and sat beside her, kept her head on my lap and tried to figure out what she was trying to say to me, “chri…” she chocked out barely able to speak. I looked around and saw Christine lying on the floor, motion less.
“Christine…” I shouted
“I saw it happen…” she murmured “she killed our mother”
“Everything is fine, everything will be fine” I cried tears dripping rapidly from my eyes
“Take care, Bella…” my mother said and took her last breath.
From that day even Narissa’s mere presence petrified me.
How could she even do such an atrocity?
It was just her way of taking revenge .She confessed that she did it and she was asked to leave, though I didn’t do anything she still blames it on me, they somehow saved Christine. Poor Christy, she was only nine at that time. But Narissa, just sixteen, was filled with poison and could not stand being kicked out of the castle. She still wants to take her revenge.
I was still dumfounded when Rodriguez, my elder brother came in.
“What is it Bella, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” he exclaimed
“Worse…Narissa was here” I said staring in space
He just stared at me for a very long time, or I what I thought was a very long time, I could see the emotions flooding trough his eyes- sadness, horror, concern and anger, intense anger.
“How did she? Where are these guards? What were they doing?” he screamed, his face red with anger.
Then he looked at me “Go to Janine, Christine is with her, when I come back tell me everything” he said and stormed out of the room.

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