I can’t write.
I’ve been staring at this page for about 15 minutes now.
Started at least 5 topics to write on, but then changed my mind.
I thought that I would write about the storm. A tree fell right in front..actually on the entrance of my house. Blocking it completely, so there was no way out.
I had to jump over the wall to go to school. It was a fun day.  But, not really anything I would like to write about.
Then I thought i should write about exam tension. Because I’m actually experiencing it right now.
But, that..is just a depressing topic.
I mean, really? Who would like to read about why it’s difficult to concentrate when you have to finish two books of accountancy in one day. 😐
So I changed my mind again.
I thought about writing something about 9gag.
It has always been there for me. xD
Those who don’t know what 9gag is…well, you should find out.
Always there when I want to procrastinate.
But, I don’t want it to seem like I promote procrastination.
Then, I thought about adding a picture and just writing something about it.
Something nice, maybe.
But after studying Math all day, I don’t think I can sit down and think about anything nice. xD

In the end, I just wrote a completely useless post about how I can’t write anything.

Heeey, look, I found a picture of different types of procrastintors on 9gag. xD

Okay, I got to study, Bye now. :’|