Sitting alone in an empty room,
Thinking about everything.
The world is just filled with darkness and gloom.
And it doesn’t matter what you think.

You walk alone, no one to hold your hand.
will you be able to cover the distance?
the waves wash your footprints from the sand.
And no evidence left of your existence.

Maybe someday, someone will find you.
Maybe you’ll find someone who cares.
It might even be someone you knew.
It might be the answer to all your prayers.

It’ll feel like the wind, that plays with your hair.
Like the lamp, that lights up your dark world
Hands that wipe your tears away.
A warm blanket, on a night wet and cold.

And maybe then, you’ll be able to stand.
face the darkness, and all your fears.
Cause, you’ve got someone who’ll hold your hand.
And then all the sorrow disappears.

What if I told you, it was all a lie?
Will you fall down again?
After you’ve opened your wings to fly.
Will you choose to walk down the same lane?

You might not want to go back.
To all the darkness, and pain.
To the torture, and horrid attacks.
In that crazy world, it’s hard to stay sane.

What gave you the strength to face the wretched world?
Doesn’t matter who’s with you and who’s not.
You believed in yourself, and the path unfurled.
Strength comes from within, that’s what you forgot.

And once again, you’re standing tall.
Every goal or target, you’ve got the strength to achieve.
And even though you’re alone, you’re not afraid to fall.
Because now, in yourself, you’ve learned to believe. 🙂