Magnets and Memories.


Wherever we go, we collect magnets.
It’s like we bring a little part of the place we went to with us.
A Venetian mask. A cow from Switzerland.
The adorable houses from Bruges.

Wherever we go, we collect memories.
And think about them whenever we want to.
The autos in Thailand, the Eiffel tower.
Such happy times, such beautiful memories. :’)


Pictures, poses and pals.

526476_667718116589867_1719404405_nDSC_00661176406_667719556589723_1185042689_nDSC_0084 (2)

So, a day with my friends.
We’re lovely people. We really are. We’re just a little obsessed with clicking pictures.
Every time we meet, we click a thousand pictures.
We do it for a reason.
Because, when we look at the pictures later, we can live it all again.
‘Every picture tells a story’ I heard somewhere. Well, it’s true.
And these pictures with my friends, tell me all about the fun we had, of how whenever we’re together we have the time of our lives.
One of my closest friends, shifted to America.
We met after an year.
Aaah, we had an years amount of fun in just one day.
And clicked a thousand pictures.
Spent the whole day together. With everyone.
That’s what I love about us. We could not meet for a whole year, but when we finally meet, it’s like we were never apart.

So, yes. We’ll always be photo-obsessed crazy idiots. And with every new picture, we’ll have a new story.
The love just keeps increasing. :’)


The World is My Playground.

The World is my Playground.

I can dance in the desert,
I can hide behind mountains,
I can climb great towers,
I can swim across the sea.

I can build sand-castles,
I can sleep under the fountains,
I can run around the flowers,
I can rest upon the tree.




Walking along a beautiful path.
with the best companion in the world.
One day I will reach my destination.
But, for now I’ll just keep walking. :’)




I am free.
Nothing can stop me.
No one can block my way.
I have to succeed.
And to do that I am free.
Another day gone by.
Cant miss this opportunity.
These chains of burdens don’t bind me.
Because from now I am free.
Friends and commitments.
Relations and promises.
Nothing matters anymore.
This day has come.
To show the world, all that can be done by me.
And to do that I am free.